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"Toward a Sustainable Global Future" with Edgar Mitchell - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Understanding the causes and impacts of our current global situation as well as our responsibilities and possible courses of action will allow us to help provide for our progeny a future that is sustainable. 

"The Power of Premonitions" with Larry Dossey - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Dossy discusses how we can focus on our ability for future knowing, learning how premonitions operate and exploring the implications for future knowing in concert with global change.

"The Journey of Forgiveness: Destination Peace" with Azim Khamisa - 2009 Conference (audio download)

This presentation shows you how to heal broken relationships to create more intimate connections with those you care for and value.

"Spontaneous Evolution" with Bruce Lipton - 2009 Conference (audio download)

This session explores how advances in epigenetics, quantum biophysics, and fractal geometry reveal that civilization is poised on the threshold of a major evolutionary event--the emergence of a new giant "multicellular organism" called humanity. 

"Sacred Storytelling" with Elena Avila and Luisah Teish - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Our ancestors sat beneath the full moon around a fire and explained the sacredness of life, nature, and spirit through the art of storytelling. Their stories provide the guidelines for inner peace, spiritual education, and communal action...

"PEAK: How Organizations Get Their Mojo from Maslow" with Chip Conley - 2009 Conference (audio download)

As CEO of a large hotel company, Conley was faced with a dismal economic situation in the post-dot-com era. Discover how he reinterpreted Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to help his company...

"Latest Advances in Psi Research" with Dean Radin - 2009 Conference (audio download)

The rate of scientific progress in understanding exceptional human capacities is slow because these phenomena are so challenging to prevailing theories. New concepts and experiments, however, are providing hints about how we may understand these capacities in the future.

"Inner Engineering" with Sadhguru - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Inner Engineering is an opportunity to know your true inner nature as a peaceful, utterly blissful human being. Sadhguru shares about this inner technology of immeasurable antiquity.

"Healing, Global Health and the Integral Model" with Barbara Dossey - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN weaves together Florence Nightingale's (1820 - 1910) legacy, science, and art to increase our understanding of being a global citizen activist...

"From the Heart of Africa: Healing the Planet One Story at a Time" with Coumba Toure - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Celebrate with stories of inspiration and transformation from the heart of Africa.

IONS 2009 Conference: Marilyn Mandala Schlitz (audio download)

Marilyn welcomes conference attendees, providing context and meaning for coming together. During her closing remarks, she summarizes the presentations and shares how this work can be carried into the world.



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