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Exploring the IONS Worldview Explorations Project with Katia Petersen (audio download)

IONS senior educational advisor to the Worldview Literacy Project, Katia Petersen, PhD asks us to image a world in which we can recognize our full potential as human beings and thrive as global citizens.


"Worldshift" with Ervin Laszlo (audio download)

Lazlo, renowned author and expert on systems thinking and general evolution theory, shares his perspective that the information underlying all things in consciousness...

"Toward a Sustainable Global Future" with Edgar Mitchell - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Understanding the causes and impacts of our current global situation as well as our responsibilities and possible courses of action will allow us to help provide for our progeny a future that is sustainable. 

"The Journey of Forgiveness: Destination Peace" with Azim Khamisa - 2009 Conference (audio download)

This presentation shows you how to heal broken relationships to create more intimate connections with those you care for and value.

"The Essential Shifts" with Bruce Lipton (audio download)

Renowned cell biologist Lipton speaks with host Stephen Dinan on how a revised vision of biology can help create positive change.  

"Taking Heart in a Dark Time" with Joanna Macy (audio download)

Macy discuss transforming despair and apathy in the face of overwhelming social and ecological crises into constructive, collaborative action. 

"Spontaneous Evolution" with Bruce Lipton - 2009 Conference (audio download)

This session explores how advances in epigenetics, quantum biophysics, and fractal geometry reveal that civilization is poised on the threshold of a major evolutionary event--the emergence of a new giant "multicellular organism" called humanity. 

"Science of Peace" with James O'Dea (audio download)

Addressing the Peace Alliance Conference for a US Department of Peace, former IONS President James O'Dea explores the momentum of a new global consciousness and the new science that suggests we are hardwired for current challenges.

"Nature and the Human Soul" with Bill Plotkin (audio download)

Addressing the pervasive longing for meaning and fulfillment in this time of global crisis, this interview introduces a visionary ecopsychology of human development. 

"Living Deeply" with Stephen Post (audio download)

Post talks with IONS Research Director Cassandra Vieten about his high-level scientific research on unselfish love, compassion, and forgiveness.

"Inner Engineering" with Sadhguru - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Inner Engineering is an opportunity to know your true inner nature as a peaceful, utterly blissful human being. Sadhguru shares about this inner technology of immeasurable antiquity.

"From the Heart of Africa: Healing the Planet One Story at a Time" with Coumba Toure - 2009 Conference (audio download)

Celebrate with stories of inspiration and transformation from the heart of Africa.

"Exploring the Contemporary Global Crisis" with Jean Houston (audio download)

James O'Dea hosts Houston, a celebrated psychologist, author, and speaker, who offers an uplifting and poetic perspective on the tribulations of the contemporary world situation. 

"Birthing a New World" with Stanislav Grof (audio download)

With host Stephen Dinan, Grof reflects on over 40 years of non-ordinary states of consciousness research. 

IONS Research Program: Science of Transformation (audio download)

IONS President Marilyn Mandala Schlitz and Research Psychologists Cassandra Vieten and Tina Amorok discuss their systematic investigation of the transformative process.

IONS Research Program: Emerging Worldviews (audio download)

IONS President Marilyn Mandala Schlitz and Research Director Cassandra Vieten engage in a spontaneous dialogue on IONS' exploration of how we form and change our models of reality. 

"Loving Kindness Meditation" with Sylvia Boorstein (audio download)

Sylvia's contribution to IONS' "Living Deeply Practices" collection is a short meditation on loving kindness from the Buddhist tradition.

"Living Deeply" with Shaykh Yassir Chadly (audio download)

Chadly is the imam (spiritual leader) of the Bay Area Sufi-oriented mosque Masjid-Al Iman, a Moroccan musician, and a teacher at the Graduate Theological Union and the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

"A Story of Enlightenment" with Deepak Chopra (audio download)

Marilyn Mandala Schlitz hosts Chopra as he offers insights on the inspiring life of the Buddha.



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