Choice Point (DVD)

A powerful new film that explores the key revolutionary theories involved in the dynamics​ ​of change, from the personal​ to the global.
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Harry Massey
NTSC; Region 0
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74 Minutes
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In physics, the term “Choice Point” indicates a place of branching or forking, a point of possibility. The point of transformation.


And now a remarkable and powerful new documentary points the way to mankind’s Choice Point, the point at which each of us can individually pivot toward a life of fulfillment and service, and collectively impact the Choice Point of our world.


Featuring riveting interviews by such luminaries as Sir Richard BransonArchbishop Desmond Tutu, John Paul DeJoria, Jack CanfieldGregg BradenBarbara Marx Hubbard, Alison Pothier, Dr. Scilla Elworthy, James Caan, and a host of others, Choice Point delves into the hearts and minds of the world’s leading change-makers—people who offer their own stories as testament to the power of stepping forward into change with courage and wisdom.


Their voices offer a profound message of hope as a pattern emerges that empowers each of us to be the​ ​change. From all of those interviewed—businesspeople to statesmen, from sports heroes to spiritual leaders,​ ​scientists to philosophers—we discover how to transform ourselves in ways that ripple out to change the​ ​world.


Choice Point features the major visionaries and inspirational figures of our times, every one of whom​ ​overcame challenges and obstacles in his or her personal life or field of endeavor to reach the pinnacle of​ ​success. To do so, they have had to shift beliefs, abandon or change self-defeating thoughts and behaviors,​ ​take action, and persevere. In every case, the transformation was not only personal, but also collective,​ ​for as they reached their goals and bettered their own lives, they also shared their gifts with the world—and​ ​they continue to do so, making major positive social contributions.


Filmmaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Choice Point founder Harry Massey traveled the globe to capture​ ​the essence of these leader’s experiences—then encapsulated what he discovered into a methodology that​ ​anyone can follow to successfully navigate their own Choice Point, bringing themselves into alignment with​ ​their own purpose. And once achieved, expanding one’s influence in ways that contribute to the​ ​betterment of the world.


Massey, like the scientists and other leaders in the film, recognizes that the population of the world is facing​ ​a critical choice at which individual decisions made today not only impact the self, but also affect the​ ​world at large. As the world edges ever nearer to its Choice Point – the tipping point of where it is not too​ ​late to decide what our world will be like for future generations – we as individuals also face choices which​ ​will determine not only our global outcome, but also our own lives--depending on whether we align with​ ​where change is evolving.


Choice Point‘s experts explore in layman’s language the key revolutionary theories involved in the dynamics​ ​of change. They help us not only to revise our understanding of the world in which we live, but also to see​ ​how our thoughts and actions shape and transform the reality of our world at every level, from the personal​ ​to the global. While greater personal well-being translates into greater well-being for all of us, the larger​ ​question, however, is how does one make lasting positive changes?


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