Flying High: A True Story of Shared Inspiration (book)

The true story of Flying High was originally intended to chronicle the amazing life of one writer; remarkably, the process of its creation helped rescue the life of his co-author.
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Stowe Dailey Shockey & Calvin LeHew
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How do you escape the gravity of fear? When singer, songwriter, and best-selling author Stowe D. Shockey meets entrepreneur and "pilot of unique concepts" Calvin LeHew, she is fascinated with his rags-to-riches story, his positive outlook, and his ability to manifest dreams by the power of thought. Spending time with Calvin, transcribing his seminars, and writing his story brings to light the dreams Stowe has buried, along with fears she has carried. As cancer threatens not only the completion of the book but her very life, Stowe is forced to make some heart-wrenching decisions—with Calvin's help. The true story of Flying High was originally intended to chronicle the amazing life of one writer; remarkably, the process of its creation helped rescue the life of his co-author. The result of their experience is an uplifting story for the world—a story of personal growth, a tribute to divine guidance, and a reminder to be who you were born to be.




"If you are ready to fly high in health, happiness, wealth and a deep joy of living, read my friend Calvin's book..." --MARK VICTOR HANSEN—Bestselling Author: Chicken Soup For The Soul


"I loved reading Flying High. The authors share many beautiful truths, an abundance of inspiration, and numerous powerful lessons you will use immediately to improve the quality of your life. Give a copy to those you love." --BOB PROCTOR—Bestselling Author: You Were Born Rich


"Flying High is a true story of undeniable inspiration... is enriching and enlightening, a definite must read. Flying High gives us all hope through the true life stories of two extraordinary individuals who have overcome so much, and generously share the lessons they have learned along the way..." --RAYMOND MOODY, MD, PhD—Bestselling Author: Life After Life

"If you are struggling with adversity of any kind, whether sickness, financial, or just trying to figure out your purpose in this world, there's something precious in this story for you—a powerful dose of inspiration that will encourage you along your own journey. And if you simply want to experience a real-life ride from earthbound living, to the limitless potentials of God's open skies, then Flying High will put a song in your heart and take you soaring." --NAOMI JUDD—Five time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter

"Calvin, your story is powerful and most inviting... anything I say about it is the equivalent of attempting to gild an already beautiful lily." --ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL—President: Institute of Noetic Sciences

"I really loved the book. I couldn't put it down. I started reading it before my surgery; I read it all the way to the time they rolled me into the surgery room! And then I picked it right back up as soon as I was conscious again. What a beautiful story, woven with so many life-altering lessons, and the ending gave me goose bumps. Thank You for sharing this beautiful book with us." --SANDY GALLAGHER—President/CEO LifeSuccess Group of Companies



About the Author

Stowe Dailey Shockey is a best-selling author and a gifted singer/songwriter. She had her first Top-10 in 1993 ("Leavin's Been a Long Time Comin'") with the group, Shenandoah. Her album, Angel Chants, was the inspirational soundtrack of Angel Stories, featured on TLC. Along with singing and speaking engagements, she is a volunteer music therapist for Alive Hospice and cancer clinics. She and her husband, Peter, have co-authored five books, including Journey of Light, the story of her own troubled childhood. Her latest book is Flying High: A True Story of Shared Inspiration.


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