Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century (book)

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Willis Harman
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Global Mind Change startles us into reconsidering the role of consciousness in major areas of human concern: science and education, spirituality and consciousness research, health and healing, psychology and psychotherapy, economics and management. Revolutions are generally thought of as large-scale, bloody upheavals involving whole countries and societies. But there are quieter revolutions that begin in the individual mind and create the kind of change that may be even more significant. By deliberately changing their internal image of reality, people are transforming the world. Right now we are living through one of the most fundamental shifts in historya change in the actual belief structure of Western industrial society.


Global Mind Change, first published in 1988, connects every major field of human endeavor in its exploration of the possibilities for social transformation through internal change. Harman, whose career spanned both the technical (electrical engineering) and psychological sciences, examines the role of consciousness in five areas:

  • Mature science, which validates subjective, religious, and spiritual insights along with objective data as a way of describing reality
  • Spirituality and consciousness research, which shows the compatibility between the world's religions and the insights of thousands of years of exploration of consciousness
  • Health and healing, where the mind's role is increasingly recognized as a crucial influence on human wellness
  • Psychology and psychotherapy, where research into unexplained phenomena and exceptional mental and physical abilities proves the only human limits are those we believe in
  • Economics and management, where managers are utilizing brain-mind research to release employees' creativity, and corporations are addressing global issues of poverty, security, and the environment

 "No one has contributed more than Willis to our ability to understand the world from an entirely new perspective, one that is more embracing of our humanity and our great human consciousness, business, science, and the planet. In a masterful weaving, he spins out a new world view that can truly bring about the global mind change we all long for." Margaret J. Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science and coauthor of A Simpler Way

"The influence of Willis Harman's social thought has grown for several decades now, and will continue to grow for many years to come. Global Mind Change is perhaps his most important book. It challenges many current assumptions about human nature and the world in general, and it opens up new perspectives on science, business, ecology, and religion." Michael Murphy, author of The Kingdom of Shivas Irons and founder of the Esalen Institute

"Willis Harman's work stands as a superb testament to the human spirit in the modern and postmodern world. Global Mind Change is one of his finest and most provocative statements, highlighting the utterly fundamental role of consciousness in the evolution of humanity-thus reflecting, as well as helping to bring about, the very changes it courageously announces."  Ken Wilbur, author of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality



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