Happy (DVD)

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Roko Belic
DVD- Region 1 (US & Canada)
Running Time:
1 Hour 16 Minutes
Bonus Features:
30 Minutes
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HAPPY combines cutting-edge science from the new field of “positive psychology” with real-life stories of people from around the world whose lives illustrate these findings. We see the story of a beautiful woman named Melissa Moody, a mother of three who had a “perfect life” until the day she was run over by a truck. Disabled for nine years and disfigured for life, amazingly she is happier now than before her accident. Manoj Singh, a rickshaw puller from the slums of Kolkata, India who lives in a hut made of plastic bags with his family, is found to be as happy as the average American. Through these and other stories HAPPY leads us toward a deeper understanding of how we can all live more fulfilling, healthy and happy lives.


Includes over 30 minutes of Bonus Features including extra scenes; Q&A with director Roko Belic and interview with executive producer Tom Shadyac; directory commentary; behing the scenes photos. Subtitles in French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, English.



Roko Belic's directorial debut, "Genghis Blues" (1999), won the Sundance Audience Award and was nominated for an Academy Award® for best documentary feature. Belic recently directed the 44-minute documentary "Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious," which was released on the "Inception" Blu-Ray. For his current project HAPPY, Belic teamed up with Hollywood heavyweight Tom Shadyac ("I Am" director), who executive produced, to direct the feature documentary. HAPPY combines powerful human stories from around the world with cutting edge science to give us a deeper understanding of our most valued emotion.




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