Science & Sacraments: Psychedelic Research and Mystical Experiences (DVD)

Coleen LeDrew Elgin
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51 Minutes
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Psychedelic research has long investigated the nature of mystical experiences. This documentary surveys the history of this research and the current renaissance, focusing on the potential of psychedelics to enhance insight and creativity, foster psychological healing and growth, and catalyze spiritual awakening. Featuring in order of appearance: David E. Nichols, Frances Vaughan, Roland Griffiths, James Fadiman, Roger Walsh, Ralph Metzner, Alicia Danforth, and Angeles Arrien.


Meet Frances Vaughan, who in 1965 took part in a legal research study on psychedelics. Under carefully controlled conditions, she was given a large dose of LSD and had a profound mystical experience that changed her life. Meet James Fadiman, one of the researchers who sat with her on that journey, and who had experienced his own life-changing laboratory-induced mystical journey. These stories and others offer insights into the fascinating history of psychedelic research and its relationship to mystical experiences. This film explores the research done by early pioneers, such as Albert Hofmann, Stanislav Grof, and Timothy Leary; the subsequent shutdown by the government; and the current renaissance of research on the potential of psychedelics to enhance creativity, support cancer patients, and catalyze spiritual awakening.



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