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This anthology of articles, published in the quarterly magazine, "Shift: At the Frontiers of Consciousness", represents a variety of perspectives and topic areas in the emerging field of Noetic Science.


This series of articles represents a variety of perspectives in the program area called "extended human capacities," which include ESP, distant healing, near-death experiences, mind-matter interactions, and subtle energies. 


This compilation of articles represents a range of perspectives and topics in an area of exploration that IONS calls “worldview transformation”—beneficial changes in consciousness that affect how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world.


This unique 80-page report provides a meta-perspective on human social evolution throughout the history of our planet while connecting the dots from a cross-section of scientific research in the fields of psychology, biology, physics, and neuroscience.


This special report examines research, surveys, and insights from a broad range of disciplines to investigate humanity's capacity to adapt to challenging circumstances at a time of numerous convergent crises. 


This nearly 250-page curriculum provides detailed instructions and handouts for facilitating the Mindful Motherhood Training in your clinic, hospital, organization or private practice. 


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