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This unique 80-page report charts a global shift from a rigid, mechanistic, and materialistic worldview to one that is built on a foundation of interconnectedness, cooperation, and the intersection of science and spirituality. Highlighted with sidebars, charts, and quotations, it is organized into four major sections:

Section I - Worldview Breakdown

While acknowledging the benefits that the Newtonian paradigm has provided, this section makes clear that the limitations of this worldview are exceeding our ability to overcome them, leading to potential worldwide disaster. The impacts of such factors as trauma, stress, and the fragmentation of consciousness are addressed.

Section II - Worldview Emergence

The unprecedented intersection of biology, systems theory, neuroscience, and quantum physics is revealing the contours of a new worldview, potentially sparking a new human potential movement. From epigenetics and the study of resilience to chaos theory and insights into the “god experience,” researchers are revealing a world of untapped possibilities, individual as well as collective.

Section III -  Integration / Application

This emerging paradigm is showing up in different ways in the major institutions of modern life. This section briefly explores those impacts in the areas of education, medicine, business, psychology, and international trends. IONS’ relevant contributions to these various areas are highlighted. Section IV Living Deeply: The IONS Transformation Research Project This section describes the methodology and some of the most compelling findings of this ongoing ten-year project to map the phenomenon of individual transformation.


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