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Get 7 audio downloads and 3 PDFs to gain insight in the essentials of Noetic Sciences. This includes:


"A 35th Anniversary Celebration" with Edgar Mitchell (audio download) 
IONS 2009 Conference: Marilyn Mandala Schlitz (audio download)
"Latest Advances in Psi Research" with Dean Radin - 2009 Conference (audio download)


IONS Research Program: Consciousness and Healing (audio download) 
IONS Research Program: Extended Human Capacities (audio download) 
IONS Research Program: Emerging Worldviews (audio download) 
IONS Research Program: Science of Transformation (audio download) 

The Frontier of Noetic Sciences, Volume 1 (PDF download) 
The 2008 Shift Report: Changing the Story of Our Future (PDF download) 
The 2007 Shift Report: Evidence of a World Transforming (PDF download)







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