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Katia Petersen, Marilyn Schlitz, Cassi Vieten
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The Worldview Explorations™ Facilitator's Guide provides step-by-step instructions for 22 lessons that encourage  learners to understand a multitude of perspectives to navigate and thrive in a global society. Designed for secondary school and college teachers, after school programs and home schooling, community group leaders, clergy, and others who facilitate diverse groups, this easy to implement social and emotional learning (SEL) program goes beyond diversity training, communication skills, and self-regulation to deeply examine how our worldviews determine much of our reality, and to stimulate the roots of true compassion toward others.


Facilitators and participants become more aware of their own worldviews and their importance through self-regulation exercises, experiential inquiry, thought experiments, multimedia activities, and individual and collaborative reflection and dialogue.  An evidence-based developmental model of consciousness transformation guides the project. As worldviews expand to include larger perspectives, participants develop greater social consciousness, and see how they can author their futures with awareness, and participate in the greater good.


Multiple appendices provide a rich resource of activities for deeper learning, recommended reading, explicit links to State Educational Standards, and scientific background for the content of each lesson. The Worldview Explorations (TM) Workbook accompanies this guide, providing a comprehensive set of activities guiding each learner in the activities and deeper reflection for each of the 22 lessons.


WE is designed to expand our consciousness, shift our perspective on life, create new possibilities for understanding ourselves, and how we interact with one another and the world around us, while igniting a natural motivation to be of service to the world.





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